Brutal Death Metal band coming from Almada, Setúbal, Thormenthor was founded in October 1987 by drummer Rui Amaral and Miguel Fonseca guitar/ vocals. Shortly after Helder Gonçalves joins the band as bassist. Was with this lineup that they recorded in 1988 their first demo tape entitled "Corpus Dissectus" w/ 3 tracks: "Necroterium", "Cynical Hypocrisy" and "Sacrifice", recorded exclusively to be transmitted at a local radio show. In October of that year they presented for the first time live with Braindead, The Coven and Procyon in Fogueteiro, Seixal, October 15th 1988. After a period of lower activity he band launch their second demo "Into The Dead" which included 5 tracks: "Face Thormenthor", "Into The Death", "In Nomine (Instrumental)", "The Sins Of Jesus Christ" and "Cynical Hypocrisy (live Fogueteiro, 15.10.1988)". On March 11th 1989 the band played along with Massacre the first part of the concert of Dutch band Thanatos in Cova da Piedade, Almada. One month later, April 15th they played in Almada with Procyon and Battalion. The band decided to take a break from 4 months to perfect the old themes and in order to create new ones. Then joins the band a second guitarist, Luís Miguel Dorival (ex-HSS). In September, the band enters again the studio to record their third demo, "Self Imolation". The demo included "Impalament Of Christ", "Self Immolation", "Karma's Retribution", "Beyond Procreation" and "Orgasmic Form Of Life". The demo solds more then 400 copies in only two months. On December bass player Helder is fired from the band and to its place comes João Paulo. After several gigs reaching the north of the country, and a particular one at the Rock Rendez Vous, Lisbon, in 1990 Thormenthor gets in a high quality 24 tracks studio and starts preparing their next work. Meanwhile Rui is replaced by Nuno Castedo. Between September 1990 and February 1991 the band recorded at Heaven Sound Studios in Almada, the tracks "Absorbed (Prival Thoughts On a Pale Dawn)", "The Abrupt Nature/ Dissolved In Absurd", "Pulverising" and "Fragments Of Existence (Within Despair)". Which were released as a advance tape of their forthcoming 7"EP. Thormenthor played live with Harum and Procyon in Porto in June 91 and one month later July 20th in Juncal with Dutch band Arise, Necrophilia and Descretion. The 7" "Dissolved In Absurd" is out in Nov./ Dec. 1991. The first 50 copies came with an additional tape, containing the track "Dissolved In Absurd". The EP was sold out in only 2 months. The band released several songs in two Portuguese compilations: 1 track on "The Birth of a Tragedy" on MTM Records in 1992 and all their "Dissolved In Absurd" demo on "Mortuary Vol I" in 1993 through Morgana Records. Between July and November 1994 the band entered to the Sons do Mar Studios, in Costa da Caparica to record their full lenght entitled "Abstract Divinity", which is released by Morgana Records in 1994. The band gives several gigs opening for foreign bands such as Tiamat, Samael, Cannibal Corpse, Anathema.


demo tape "Corpus Dissectus"©02.1988 audio sample

demo tape "Into The Dead" ©11.1988

demo tape "Self Imolation" ©09.1989

demo tape "Dissolved In Absurd" ©1991

* 7" ep/ tape "Dissolved In Absurd" ©1991 Slime Recores SLIME 1
* first 50 copies w/ additional tape "Dissolved In Absurd"

cd "Abstract Divinity" ©1994 Morgana Records MOR 7003 CD


"In Extremis Paranoia" (unreleased song) live at the 1st Nazaré Metal Festival, August 25th 1990


advert/ ticket March 11th 1989
ticket May 12th 1990
ticket 1st Nazaré Metal Festival, August 25th 1990
advert Covilhã, June 15th 1991
advert July 20th 1991, Juncal
flyer 7" "Dissolved In Absurd"

advert/ ticket Pernelhas festival, March 7th 1992
advert/ ticket January 15th 1994


  1. Amigo, podes usar todas as minhas fotos que encontrares, mas agradeço que as credites. Obrigado - CM

  2. Boa banda, bons concertos com os Massacre

  3. Boa banda e bons concertos com os Massacre

  4. Rogério Esteves13 May 2018 at 21:16

    A melhor banda metal de sempre em Portugal!O Abstract Divinity é ímpar.