The formation of the band goes back to 1990/91. From the Lisbon area, the first line up consisted of Bruno Manteigas vocals, Mofas guitar, Paulo  bass, Jorge guitar and Luis drums. At this point the band played a mix of hardcore, crossover. 1st recording was made in JAP studios in 1991, very roughly, direct capture, to promote the 1st concert and because they would be interviewed on the Horizonte FM radio and had no record. The first live performance was in the beginning of 1992, at the old cinema of Sacavém (Academia) organized by JAP studios with Tropa Morta e Corrosão Caótica. The 2nd in May was in Rossio, Lisbon, in the week of youth in 1992, The third in July, was at the Gare Bar in Barreiro with Carrossel Mágico, and they would play live again more two times, one of them in September at the Quinta de São José in Sacavém with Toxic Waste. 2º recording was captured in JAP studios again, in late 92, with a little better production, but also captured live, only the voice was recorded separately. (this was the end of the punk / hardcore era). At the beginning of '93, Mofas left definitively, due to musical differences, he did not identify himself with the band's musical orientation (more towards Metal), in the middle they still gave a concert with him on the guitar and only at the end of 93  that Nuno arrives to take the place of Bruno. A 3rd recording  was again in JAP studios in 94. 

This last demo was never officially released, because Nuno left a few months later and they decided to end the project and never played live with the band. Later would merge with Symbiosis.


demo tape "Dome Of The Fallen God" ©1994 never released audio sample

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