Band from the outskirts of Lisbon, more precisely São João da Talha (Sacavém). Started in December 1991, with Nando vocals, Pyry and Gê guitars, Mario bass and Adrian drums. By this time Mistake already performed a resonable number of live shows, highlighting the 3rd place reached in the contest of Modern Music of the city of Lisbon "Capital Rock '93". Recordings of the first demo began in January 1993, suffering an interruption, they resume in May. Six track demo entitle "Warning!" (Intro (Carmina Burana), Human Race, Too Much...Die!, Warning!, Wot Da Fuck? and To The End) recorded at STS studio located in Sacavém, produced by Paulo Coito and Mistake. September 25th 1993 they would performed at the UDCAS pavillion, Sobralinho, in the Show Rock III contest, along with Imunity. They would gigged with Imunity again on May 28th 1994 in Vala do Carregado. Again the band returns to STS studios in July 1994 to record a 2nd demo tape, "Single Child's Tear". A 3-track tape with the songs "Face Me", "Peace Please" (instrumental) and "Dead Again". Mistake would perform live more until they cease activity.


demo tape "Warning" ©1993  audio sample

demo tape "Single Child`s Tear" ©1994


poster September 25th 1993, UDCAS pavillion, Sobralinho
ticket May 28th 1994, Vala do Carregado
ticket Bobadela, October 30th ??

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