From Miratejo, Seixal, the band started their activities in July 1993 under the name of Mindsnare, but changed their name because there was already another band with the same name. After several line up changes, they performed live for the first time on March 4th 1994 in Feijó with Rebellion and Carnec. The second would be in Nisa, April 9, with Web, the third on April 22 at Bar Lusitano in Lisbon with Quandary and 605 Forte. In June they enter Boom Estúdios in Seixal and record their first demo tape, entitled "Endless Illusion", containing four songs: "Human Progress", "World of Hipocrisy", "Land, Country, Nation" and "Endless Illusion". Bloodshed play live a fourth time ,this time at Poço do Bispo, July 23, along with Imunity (who didn't play), Paranormal Waltz and Decayed. The line up consisted of Miguel Claro rhythm guitar, Ivan drums, Rui Neves bass, Miguel Fernandes lead/rhythm guitar and Zé Rodrigues vocals.



demo tape "Endless Illusion" ©1994 audio sample

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