Led by Jorge Apolinário, the Thunder zine emerged as a complement to the cult radio program "Fogo No Gelo (Fire On Ice)" broadcast on Radio Commercial Almeirim since mid-80s. First issue was released in 1992, a second one in 1993. Also were part of the stuff Rui "La Rocque" Roque, Telmo Ribeiro, Carlos Brandão and Pedro Lopes.


Fanzine from Porto edited by Guilherme Tavares in 1992/ 93.


Agnostic Death emerged somewhere in Pinhal Novo, Palmela and was formed by José Gomes drums and Luis Maximino guitar and bass, in 1989. Carlos Rebocho vocals was invited to join the band in the beginning of 1990, and José Alves guitar in mid-April. With the line up complete they started to work on the project in June 1990. The group played live for the first time on May 11th 1991 at a bar in Vendas Novas. Concert which was a disaster, due to lack of preparation by the band as well as poor conditions of the location and organization. The 2nd gig was at the Gare Bar, October 10th 1992 in Barreiro, that went very well. The band had intentions to record a demo at the end of the Summer of 1993...


Mordant were a young band from the Algarvian capital, Faro. Composed by Ricardo guitar, Hugo guitar/ vocals, Sergio Vanderkellen bass and Nuno drums, they began rehearsing in 1991. In just nine months Mordant played live 3 times, with Harum at the Sport Faro and Benfica collectivity, April 4th 1992 with Catalepsia again at the SFB and at the school Tomas Cabreira, April 3rd 1993, opening for Sacred Sin and Disaffected. Meanwhile the band recruited another guitarist, leaving Hugo only to the vocals. 

demo rehearsal "The Live Demo Waves Of Deceptions" ©1993 audio sample

ticket April 4th 1992, Sport Faro and Benfica collectivity, Faro
ticket April 3rd 1993, school Tomas Cabreira, Faro


Bahamut Zine was born in early 1992, created by four young Metalheads who were very much into the Underground Metal scene: Bruno, Nuno, Rick and Terres. The first issue was in Portuguese (the only one, as all later issues would be in English) published in March 1992 and featured interviews to bands such as Corrosion of Conformity, Immolation, Thanatos, Decayed, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, etc. as well as demo, LP and gig reviews, and lots of flyers and so on. Three more issues ensued, one a year (until 1995). The second one (Spring 1993) had dozens and dozens of interviews, with bands such as Unleashed, Tiamat, Cadaver, Sepultura, Rotting Christ, Convulse, Demigod, Shub-Niggurath and many others, and lots of reviews. By 1994 the 3rd issue was released, a little less ambitious and with Terres and Nuno gone, replaced by Hélio Ramos. Some of the featured bands were Pandemonium, Necromantia, Funcunt, Ancient Rites, Lethal Prayer, House of Usher, and so on. The fourth and final issue was already done by a struggling staff with less and less time and money. Still, it featured interviews to Bal-Sagoth, Absu, Orphaned Land, Ancient, In the Woods…, etc. After that it came to its end. Gone but not forgotten.

text by Ricardo Campos (Rick Thor)


Imunity were formed in the beginning of 1992 in Vila Franca de Xira. Project formed by Claudio Santos vocals/ guitar, under the name Dark Fate. In the end of the Summer, Nuno Manuel guitar joins and both begin to work on songs already composed by Claudio. Meantime, without a bassist and a drummer, shortly after the name was changed to Imunity. In November ´92, a drummer, Miguel Pontes (aka Mick Thor, who also designed the logo) joins in, and it was when the band started rehearsing more seriously in a rented studio, more precisely at Jap Studios, located in Sacavem. But soon they realize that they could not proceed due to the drummer difficulties, they split with Miguel. Meanwhile, Nuno “Kazuza” Mariano comes to Imunity as a bass player. Shortly thereafter, in May 1992, the band "recruits" Helder Rodrigues, Mortalha's drummer from Arruda dos Vinhos. Which gave a fast development in the songs. Althought, it would not be possible, without the new and definitive rehearsing place, located in Cachoeiras. Facilitated by a friend of the band, Hugo Caldeira, who would eventually appear as a guest on 2 songs, playing keys.

Imunity started at 100% in April 18th 1993, “Sea Of Tears” was the first full track completed.

Around May 1993, the group begins recording what would be Imunity´s first promo tape. An intro, “Rise to Infinity”, “Sea Of Tears” and “Heaven Defie”, was recorded at the rehearsal place, during a Sunday day, through a system with a microphone. However, it was never released with cover art, just dubbed to friends and anyone who asked, also sent to radio shows and fanzines in order to promote the band.  

The first live performance would be in a music contest, Show Rock III, September 25th 1993 at the UDCAS pavilion, Sobralinho. Competing with nine other bands (of various genres), and playing two songs (set for all others), Imunity secured a high place in the contest. The following month,
October 9th, at the CPD pavilion, Benavente, they play live for the 2nd time, with Deceiver, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium and Shrine. At this point several songs were part of the band´s repertoire, “Eternal Sleep”, “Unholy Truth”, “Rise to Infinity” and “Last Remembrance” (instrumental).  

The band continues to rehearse regularly, composing new songs and playing their 3rd gig, again at the UDCAS pavilion (Sobralinho) the Day at The Morgue festival, along with Paranormal Waltz, Exomortis, Exiled, Decayed, Sarcastic Angel and Dementia Pre-Cox, March 12th 1994. Three weeks later, April 2nd, they arrive at the north of the country in Covilhã, opening for Genocide at the Fábrica (Factory) discotheque. Alverca, April 16th at the hall of the Firefighters, with Cannabis. For the first time a concert was scheduled in their home town but due to bad weather conditions, they did not play (April 23th 1994). May 28th Vala do Carregado (Castanheira do Ribatejo), with Mistake, 605 Forte and Nameless. June 10th outdoor at the CSRDO in Ota, with Afterdeath among other bands. June 15th outdoor gig in Alverca. June 26th in Alhos Vedros, with the band that would have a major international status Moonspell, and Grog. Concert bill: Paranormal Waltz, Decayed and Bloodshed, July 23th 1994, Poço de Bispo, Lisbon, Imunity cancel their performance. Due to lack of conditions. Still, some bands play.

With more rehearsing and some concerts, Imunity begin to want to go a little further. This desire is materialized with the recording of the promo-track titled "Unholy Truth". Recorded at Studio Gar (Queluz), November 27th 1994. Produced by Jorge Imperial and co-produced by the band.

"Ember", "Birth in Sorrow", "Brutal Morbid Desease" were songs added to their list.

Nuno Mariano suffers an accident, injuring one hand, preventing him from playing. Jané (Horácio) begins rehearsing with the band and replaces Nuno at a concert at Bar Ben, Alcobaça. Jané plays just a few songs, not the entire gig.

The band does two  more concerts in March 1995, first at the Clube Recreativo Bobadelense on day 4th (w/ Silent Scream, 605 Forte, Walpurgis) and at a circus tend in São João da Talha on day 18th (w/ W.C.Noise, Etherial Grief, Necropsy, and several others) and appears in some local fanzines and national radios. But lacked Imunity to rid themselves of certain clichés that cataloged the band as being one more Death Metal product. 

At this point, in the summer of 1995, Cláudio Santos vocals/  guitar leaves the band for disagreeing with the way the remaining elements were willing to follow. Imunity began to embark on more ambitious terrain. To the place left vacant by Claudio arrives Rui Vieira (from Mortalha) who takes first on guitar and later the voice. Imunity are constituted this time by Rui Vieira vocals/ guitar, Helder Rodrigues drums, Nuno Manuel guitar and Nuno Mariano bass. With this formation the band rehearses new material and when prepared to enter the studio, Nuno Mariano leaves the band. Even in these conditions, Imunity go on recording. The venue was Cais 14 in Alhandra where it is recorded "Easter Rumour" and "Oversea (Territory War)", two promotional songs, exclusively for radio, fanzines and other media. Imunity give another series of concerts and promote their work all over the country through the radio and fanzines. Fisrt gig with Rui was at the Lusideia Bar, Samora Correia, July 12th 1997. At the same time, the band prepares itself again to go into the studio and record the one that was actually the first demo of Imunity. Still not having a bassist, the band enters the studio JAP Studios in Sacavem, and records at the end of 1998 "Liberty" with six tracks. "The Revolutionary Red Cover," "Still Liberty ...", "P.O.I. (Product Off Imagination)", "Seeding The Lie", "... Still War" and "a Dream Called Liberty" are the titles of the six songs in this demo tape. "Liberty" shows a more mature and original band, willing to go a little further. With the inclusion of Portuguese traditional sounds (cavaquinho, adufe or bombo), sometimes with faster, sometimes with slower parts, Imunity had in "Liberty" the best work of its career. Besides music and energy that Imunity transmits, they combine all this with an excellent artwork which includes the model that appears on the cover of "Liberty". Meanwhile, Énio Lança (bass) enters the band and at the end of the recordings of "Liberty", Nuno Manuel leaves. To his replacement comes Bruno Henriques. The year 1998 is the year of all challenges for Imunity and, incredibly, the band is invited to make a soundtrack for a program of the private television channel SIC. "The Resistant", which went on air in September of the same year, is the name of a real story for which Imunity did a soundtrack. Consisting of an instrumental part with truly mysterious moments and suspense, the band also records a version of José "Zeca" Afonso's "Grândola Vila Morena", the song that was the signal for the beginning of the 1974 Portuguese revolution. 

The band suffers some more changes with the left of Énio Lança replaced by Nuno Mariano, the original bassist. By this time, the band members decide to change the name of the band because the sound had no more links with the Imunity name, strongly linked to its Death Metal origins. The chosen name would be Groundustry, an attempt to gain a new life. Some of the new songs written by this time were "Essence", "Rewine", "Promise/Believe/Betray", "Moneytrees", "Rhythmotion" or "Give Ideas To GOD". The band still played live some shows but the lack of time, incompatibilities, constant lineup changes and some saturation dictated the end of Imunity / Groundustry.

thanks to Rui Vieira for help with the biography

promo track "Unholy Truth" ©1994  audio sample

demo tape "Easter Rumour" ©1997 

demo tape "Liberty" ©1998

"Still Liberty" video clip 1998

poster 1st gig September 25th 1993, UDCAS pavillion, Sobralinho 
ticket March 12th 1994, UDCAS pavilion, Sobralinho
flyer April 2nd 1994Covilhã
flyer April 16th 1994, Alverca
flyer April 23th 1994, Vila Franca de Xira (didn´t play)

ticket May 28th 1994, Vala do Carregado
poster June 15th 1994, Alverca
poster July 23th 1994, Poço de Bispo, Lisbon (didn´t play)
ticket March 4th 1995, CRB, Bobadela
ticket March 18 1995, São João da Talha

poster July 12th 1997, Lusideia Bar, Samora Correia

MORGUE (Sesimbra)

Morgue came from the city of Sesimbra in the beginning of the 90s. Consisting of João Cagica drums, Carlos Cagica guitars, David "Frango" guitars and Filipe Taklin vocals/ bass, they would record a 9 track demo tape entitled "Guardian" in a very raw Thrash/ Death/ Grind vein.

demo tape "Guardian" © ?


On December 15th of 1984, took place in Stº Antonio dos Cavaleiros (Loures) the first Portuguese Heavy Metal Festival, (would also be the only one) event that inspired countless bands and other underground agents. "The fan club Purgatório do Heavy Metal  (Heavy Metal Purgatory) and the Metal Masters (group of friends who import from abroad records, recording them to tape and disclosed them through tape-trading) decided to organize a festival that brought together the best Heavy Metal bands", said José Gomes, former lead singer of Wild Shadow and Ravensire, founding member of the 1st Portuguese Heavy Metal fan club and fanzine (Purgatório do Heavy Metal/ Folha Metálica), also known by the pseudonym Zé "Mastercrow". The idea of holding the one who would become the 1st Heavy Metal Festival of Stº Antonio dos Cavaleiros it took shape and laid up to work. "We invited ValiumSTS Paranoid, Xeque Mate, Sepulcro, Mac Zac, Jarojupe and Low Valley", continues Zé.

At the time, the technical and financial resources scarce for organizing an event and the few that existed, appear to be especially rudimentary. Alongside this, the know-how was almost non-existent but the will and passion outweighed any difficulties.

The adventures on the organization and the event began early, but there was always way to get on each stage of the process. "We got ourselves way of, in a print shop named Maiser (company of a friend), out of hours time, do the posters for free, and also made the tickets, the letters say HEAVY METAL and also arranged the backdrop", explains the publisher and musician, "We painted the walls and sidewalks in the vicinity pavilion of the Associação de Moradores de Santo António dos Cavaleiros (where it held the festival) with arrows and the words "the Heavy Metal festival is this way"", said Zé excitedly.

The enthusiasm of Zé "Mastercrow" almost becomes palpable when narrating the sequence of hilarious events. "On the morning of the day of the festival it rained plenty. I was about to come to the pavilion when I came across the first difficulty: Xeque-Mates van had become mired in the mud 100 meters from the room. After 15 or 20 minutes of great effort, we and the bands, muddy up to the knees, we were able finally release the vehicle", explains.

The PA system used on the event had been rented to the former elements of Grupo de Baile, who in 1981 had achieved huge commercial and radio success through the single "Patchouly". However, upon arrival to the interior of the pavilion, members of the Heavy Metal Purgatory fan club, Metal Masters and groups faced a new unexpected: the electrical system could not stand the power of the PA system. "We were inexperienced, we had never organized a show and not all fulfilled their duties. The verification of the power of the PA and the electrical system was not safeguarded", continues. The organization discover a EDP technician (electricity) resident in the area, to whom they paid, on his day off, to make a "pulled" from an electric pole, providing the necessary power to the event.

At the time of the soundcheck, the public was already ine the in the room. Acoustic problems soon revealed. "The space was not suitable to receive such a sound power", emphasizes Rui Jorge (Metal Army/ Defensores da Fé/ Sagrada Escritura), known among the pseudonym Rudy Sagres. 

Other issues, however, hinder the smooth running of the sound tests and own concerts. "Northern groups: Mac Zac, Jarojupe and Xeque-Mate, were modest, shared the backline of Xeque-Mate. Humility does not feature, however, the southern groups, requiring use their own equipment. Once the soundcheck of a southern band was over, we retired their equipment to set up the following group. We lost a lot of time on it,  with the public, impatient, already inside the pavilion", proceeds "Mastercrow".

The situation could easily have become uncontrolled, as it was in the room close to five hundred people, of which only about 400 had paid the ticket. "We had trouble controlling the entrances and exits of staff during the dead time, although we have not given facilities", explains Zé.

But the succession of setbacks was unstoppable. not having the organizers requested the necessary permits to hold the event, during the soundcheck a representative of the Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA) steps inside, fining the organization.

Mac Zac were the first band to perform, followed by Sepulcro, Valium, STS Paranoid and Jarojupe. However, the popular saying goes that "bad luck never comes alone" and it seems very true, during the Jarojupe`s performance a spark from the pyrotechnics set fire to the canvas strip mounted on the stage. Local firefighters quickly extinguished the fire, but the fan club and Metal Masters would see the obligation to pay the intervention of peacekeepers. As a result, the performance of Jarojupe had to be interrupted and shortened.

All these events, together with the high volume sound and the look sported by fans resulted in complaints from residents and the consequent invasion of the place by the GNR (polica force), about midnight time, when Jarojupe were still playing on stage. "They let us finish the show, but Xeque-Mate, "who were the headliners, could not act", regrets Zé "Mastercrow".

In the end, the amount received was insufficient to cover expenses. From the organization, not all elements honor the financial commitments made to the bands. "We defined immediately start that there is no money to pay cachets, only travel, food and rental equipment, but much of it involved not paid", concludes Zé. Later, they pondered to hold a second edition of the festival, idea that would be abandoned. However, other similar events have taken place, highlighting in October 4th 1986 the festival "Metal Stage", held at the Cine Plaza in Amadora, with Cruise, Valium, Satan's Saints and STS Paranoid.

text by Dico in Sound Zone Magazine

"Metal Demons" Mac Zac

"The Sign" STS Paranoid

"Religião" Valium



Sapien lasted only 2 to 3 years, from 1987 to early 1990. The band originating from Ramada (outskirts of Lisbon) was formed by its leader Fernando Rebelo bass. The full line up consisted of Miguel "Leviathan" vocals, Marinho guitar, Paulo lead guitar and João drums. The latter replaced by Nuno. The group had a very professional working method and technical, and managed to record several songs, like "The Calling", "The Temple Of Pain", "The Sabbath" or "The Four Apocalyptic Nights", during rehearsals into a 8-track Fostex. They performed live 2 or 3 times during its existence, one of them at the Ramada Secondary School in the summer of 1988. They split up due to personal problems at the beginning of 90. 

"The Calling" live Ramada Secondary School 1988

"The Calling" lyrics and original logo designed by one of the band members