Progressive Heavy/ Thrash or tecnical Thrash Metal from Nem Martins, Lisbon. Formed around 1990. With José Fernando vocals, Jorge Martins and Carlos Henrique Silva guitars, João Alexandre Rocha bass and Paulo Grilo Bucho drums. The band recorded in Abrunheira studios, February 2nd 1991 their 4 track demo tape "Against The Grain", released in March 91. After the debut demo the singer leaves the band, joining Unsilent, shortly afterwards to return to Logon, after the split of Unsilent. At the same time enters guitarrist Sérgio Monteiro replacing Jorge Martins. Between April 12th and 25th 1992 Logon recorded their 2nd demo "Fragments Of A Future To Come" at Heaven Sound Studios, Almada.


demo tape "Against The Grain" ©1991

demo tape "Fragments Of A Future To Come" ©1992 audio sample


"Against The Grain" live April 1990, Cacem

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