The Rock Rendez Vous club was considered one of the most important spaces of Rock (and pop) music in Portugal during the 80s and is today remembered as a mythical placeIt was for years a reference for everyone in the Rock universe and it was mainly the place where many bands had their first seriously performance. Located in the old Universal cinema, at the Rua (street) da Beneficência nº175, Lisbon, the club opened its doors on December 18th 1980, with a concert by Rui Veloso. Was closed in 1983, but soon after was reopened due to a petitionBy the mythical club passed the biggest Portuguese names inmusic and some some foreign bands.

The metallic afternoon matinees of "Falcão Metálico" (Metal Hawk) by Antonio Sergio and his team of the national radio show "Flamethrower", played records before the gigs of Metal groups such as STS ParanoidTarantula, JarojupeCruise, etc etc. Also the Fan-Club which organized concerts at the venue and matinees was "Metal Army" (the first was on December 14th 1986, with the bands STS Paranoid and Satan`s Saints). They also organized a festival at the RRV in 1987, in order to edit the very first Portuguese Metal double live album, with excerpts from the performances of 8 bands (NavanTarantulaSTS ParanoidProcyonBlizzardSatan`s SaintsDevil Across and Black Cross) that participated in the event but the album was never released. The last concert and the last metallic session at the Rock Rendez Vous was on February 18th 1990, with Alkateya and Wild Shadow.

The Rock Club was permanently closed
 on July 1990, 
after two days (26th and 27th ) of auctions of all equipment and decorations of the Rock Rendez Vous. 

Rock Rendez Vous, April 12th 1987





  1. belos tempos era bom que ouvesse mais registos
    destes tempos sei que ha mais mas nao sao publicados o que e pena!

  2. do melhor q há..o meu coração continua vivo..hail brothers..\\m//

  3. Reconheci o Paulo Almeida dos Massacre e Enforce \m/