Band based in Lisbon, formed in late 1983. Released a 4 track demo tape in 1986 which included "Dying Soldier", "I Wouldn't Buy Your Love", " Getting Worst" and "While We Stay Together". On October 4th 1986 they participated in the festival "Metal Stage", held at the Cine Plaza in Amadora, with Valium, Satan's Saints and STS Paranoid. Two months later, December 21th, Cruise played their debut at the Rock Rendez Vous venue. Cruise opened for Gary Moore at the Dramático de Cascais Pavillion, May 13th 1987. In the summer, Paulo "Scorp" Fernandes vocals, Rui Bordalo guitar, Victor Costa drums, João Pedro Mendonça keyboards and Constâncio Artur Reis bass (died during the recordings June 10th) went in the Namouche studios and  record a 2 track 7" single, which was released through the Bimotor music stores. Samuel Lopes (ex-Satan's Saints) joins as the new bassist. Meanwhile Cruise make the presentation of the song "While We Stay Together" on national television program Clipomanias, September 16th. With a new line up composed by Paulo "Scorp" Fernandes vocals, Rui Bordalo guitar, Samuel Lopes bass, Pedro Dimas drums and João Pedro keyboards the group played with Ibéria at the Rock Rendez Vous, November 13th 1987. The 7" single is released in December, with the production of Ricardo Camacho on track "Kiss In The Rain" and Ricardo Camacho/ António Sérgio on track "While We Stay Together". To promote the single, Cruise played in Albufeira in the New Year's Eve. On March 1988 Paulo "Scorp", Samuel Lopes and João Mendonça leave the band and formed Tao. The new line up was composed by Rui Bordalo lead guitar, David vocals/ rhythm guitar, Rui Rocha keyboards, Tó Andrade (ex-Vasco da Gama, Go Graal Blues Band) and João Pedro Botelho drums.


demo tape "Dying Soldier" ©1986 audio sample

7" single "Kiss In The Rain" ©1987 Bimotor 001/87 audio sample


ticket October 4th 1986, Cine Plaza, Amadora
advert December 21th 1986, Rock Rendez Vous
ticket opening for Gary Moore, Pavilhão Dramático Cascais, May 13th 1987
advert New Year's eve 1987/88, Albufeira



  2. druns victor costa

  3. Foi feita para mim " Enquanto ficamos juntos"

  4. a maior banda de hard fm & and progressive metal of portugal...thanks..87

  5. que e feito dos cruise...?...sera q vao voltar ....

  6. Ficou no meu coração, só Cruise para me fazer sentir assim...
    "While we stay together"

  7. De 1986 a 2015, a ouvir " While we stay together" - só tu me deixas assim, onde quer que eu vá, tu não me sais da cabeça.