Fallacy formed in November 1994, with former members of Sacred Sin and the mythical Lakrau. The band consisted of João Alves vocals, João Paulo guitar, João André bass and Jorge Gonçalves drums.  With only a few months of existence Fallacy debut live at the I Metal Fair in Almada, together with Thormenthor. The acceptance was very good and the band was invited to join the list of bands that would perform at Quinzena da Juventude, in Almada, in March 1995, organized by the City Hall of that city. In that performance they played again with Thormenthor and also with Bizarra Locomotiva and
Silent Scream. In August 1995, Fallacy went into studio and recorded their debut album "Fallacy". It was at Boom Studios in Corroios and the songs were "Killer Race, "Godman", "Fifhty Hole" and "Blind in Grey". After the demo release, they gave a concert at Johnny Guitar bar. The band played live a few more times until the end of 1995, when vocalist João Alves left and was replaced by Ricardo Almeida. Already with the new line-up, Fallacy played at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon and at the II Metal Fair in Almada, once again with Thormenthor and Extreme Unction. In April 1996 they play at the contest in Felgueiras, "Don't Stp le Metal". In 1997 they released a 4-track demo in CD-R and another demo in 2000, titled "Martirios". 


demo tape "Fallacy" ©1995 audio sample

demo CD-R "Demo 1997" ©1997 audio sample

demo CD-R "Martírios" ©1995


pass March 30th 1995, Almada



The fanzine started in 1994 in Rio Tinto, directed by Antonio Pedro.



Eternal `zine Heavy Metal fanzine first came out in January 1994. The fanzine directed by João Nero, Antonio Aresta and Luis Carrega came from the South of the country, Beja. 


Blood & Thunder fanzine appeared in March 1993 in the Almada area. Ana Maria Pires was in charge of the project. He was also the manager of bands such as Bloodshed and Fallacy.




From Miratejo, Seixal, the band started their activities in July 1993 under the name of Mindsnare, but changed their name because there was already another band with the same name. After several line up changes, they performed live for the first time on March 4th 1994 in Feijó with Rebellion and Carnec. The second would be in Nisa, April 9, with Web, the third on April 22 at Bar Lusitano in Lisbon with Quandary and 605 Forte. In June they enter Boom Estúdios in Seixal and record their first demo tape, entitled "Endless Illusion", containing four songs: "Human Progress", "World of Hipocrisy", "Land, Country, Nation" and "Endless Illusion". Bloodshed play live a fourth time ,this time at Poço do Bispo, July 23, along with Imunity (who didn't play), Paranormal Waltz and Decayed. The line up consisted of Miguel Claro rhythm guitar, Ivan drums, Rui Neves bass, Miguel Fernandes lead/rhythm guitar and Zé Rodrigues vocals.



demo tape "Endless Illusion" ©1994 audio sample



Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal band from the North of the country, more precisely from Vagos. They began in 1988 when Carlos Silva drummer, and Carlos Santos guitarist, who were studying together, decided to form a group. Meanwhile they met Juan Manuel bass, who was studying guitar at the time. After they told him about the project, Juan started to dedicate himself to the bass.The band stopped for a while, when they started working enthusiastically again. In 1991 Luís Santos appeared and offered to be the vocalist. The band decided that Luís was the right one for Luner Gun and he was accepted. With time, they saw the need for another guitarist. (who was attending rehearsals at the time) José Saragoça, who adapted easily. Later, they decided to record some songs they had worked on so far. So in 1992, they went into studio and recorded their first demo entitled "Set Us Free". After the recording, guitarist Carlos Santos left the band for various reasons, leaving them with only four members. Loner Gun gave some concerts, and worked on new compositions to take to studio in 1993.




Band from the outskirts of Lisbon, more precisely São João da Talha (Sacavém). Started in December 1991, with Nando vocals, Pyry and Gê guitars, Mario bass and Adrian drums. By this time Mistake already performed a resonable number of live shows, highlighting the 3rd place reached in the contest of Modern Music of the city of Lisbon "Capital Rock '93". Recordings of the first demo began in January 1993, suffering an interruption, they resume in May. Six track demo entitle "Warning!" (Intro (Carmina Burana), Human Race, Too Much...Die!, Warning!, Wot Da Fuck? and To The End) recorded at STS studio located in Sacavém, produced by Paulo Coito and Mistake. September 25th 1993 they would performed at the UDCAS pavillion, Sobralinho, in the Show Rock III contest, along with Imunity. They would gigged with Imunity again on May 28th 1994 in Vala do Carregado. Again the band returns to STS studios in July 1994 to record a 2nd demo tape, "Single Child's Tear". A 3-track tape with the songs "Face Me", "Peace Please" (instrumental) and "Dead Again". Mistake would perform live more until they cease activity.


demo tape "Warning" ©1993  audio sample

demo tape "Single Child`s Tear" ©1994


poster September 25th 1993, UDCAS pavillion, Sobralinho
ticket May 28th 1994, Vala do Carregado
ticket Bobadela, October 30th ??


The formation of the band goes back to 1990/91. From the Lisbon area, the first line up consisted of Bruno Manteigas vocals, Mofas guitar, Paulo  bass, Jorge guitar and Luis drums. At this point the band played a mix of hardcore, crossover. 1st recording was made in JAP studios in 1991, very roughly, direct capture, to promote the 1st concert and because they would be interviewed on the Horizonte FM radio and had no record. The first live performance was in the beginning of 1992, at the old cinema of Sacavém (Academia) organized by JAP studios with Tropa Morta e Corrosão Caótica. The 2nd in May was in Rossio, Lisbon, in the week of youth in 1992, The third in July, was at the Gare Bar in Barreiro with Carrossel Mágico, and they would play live again more two times, one of them in September at the Quinta de São José in Sacavém with Toxic Waste. 2º recording was captured in JAP studios again, in late 92, with a little better production, but also captured live, only the voice was recorded separately. (this was the end of the punk / hardcore era). At the beginning of '93, Mofas left definitively, due to musical differences, he did not identify himself with the band's musical orientation (more towards Metal), in the middle they still gave a concert with him on the guitar and only at the end of 93  that Nuno arrives to take the place of Bruno. A 3rd recording  was again in JAP studios in 94. 

This last demo was never officially released, because Nuno left a few months later and they decided to end the project and never played live with the band. Later would merge with Symbiosis.


demo tape "Dome Of The Fallen God" ©1994 never released audio sample



Prophetical Fanzine appeared in 1990 with the name Necrotério 'zine, edited two numbers with this name but with the passage of the typewriter to computer, changes the name and with the intention of being written in English. The first number with the new name dates 1994 and was the only one written in English. Number five is edited under the name Chasing Fear, having the number six and later issues been edited with the original name, Prophetical. The first cycle ends with the last number eight in 1997. In 2014 is edited a special number to mark the 20 years. Throughout the years were part of the team Vasco Reigota, Adão Jr., Roger Suicidal, Gui and Sérgio Rocha. Being founded by Vasco Reigota.
text by Vasco Reigota



Fanzine from the unofficial Portuguese Metallica Fan-Club, released by the prestigious photographer João Moura (Devastação Metalica fanzine). At least 7 numbers of Metallica News were edited, being issue# 0 in October of 1989.