Love Gun from Lisbon, born in 1991 under the name Asylum. However as there was already a band with the same name, they were forced to change it. At that time the band practiced a Rock FM and was composed by Paulo guitar/ vocals, Andy bass, Jorge drums and Bué vocals, which entered later. It was with this line up that the band recorded their first demo tape, "Love, Witches & Bitches". Love Gun played some concerts, of which the most important was at Fogueteiro, the celebrations of 25th of April, before some 1,000 people. Shortly after this concert the band recruited another guitarist named Nelson, but this element did not provide any concerts because shortly after the band decided to end the activities, due to some differences between Paulo and the rest of the band. In 1993 the band decides to take up new activities with a new line up, which included Bué vocals, Pedro guitar, Carlos guitar, Jorge bass and Andy drums. Then in the following year, they decided to record a promo tape with only two songs "Badly Good" and "Face It, Or Leave It".


demo tape "Love, Witches & Bitches" ©1992

demo tape ©1994 audio sample

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