Band from Amora, Seixal, formed in August of 1987 by guitarrist Tozé and Sérgio Duarte on vocals. In September Jorge “Baquetes” joins the band as a drummer and they started rehearsing as a trio. Later joins as second guitarist João Matos who had already played with the drummer in a previous project. A 2 track demo tape is recorded in December 1987, with the songs "Darkness" and "The Madman (Get Out of My Way)". Already in 1988 Eduardo “Osga” completes the line up as a bassist. Their live debut happens in July 7th 1988 at the Secundary School of Amora, integrated in the 2nd music contest of the school, but they only play one song due to very bad sound quality. In August ´88 in order to celebrate their first anniversary they give a concert in their rehearsal room for 100 people. Was around this time that Dionisio Duarte became the band's manager. A few weeks later they played with Thormenthor, Braindead and Procyon at a festival in Fogueteiro. On January 1989 the band enter the Midi studios to record their first demo tape. During 7 nights they recorded with the production of Manuel Cardoso 6 songs that would be released in the form of tape with the name "Into The Future". For the promotion of the demo, along with Alkateya, organize a mini tour titled "Tour of The Future", that gave them the opportunity to make a series of concerts across the country. On September 16th 1989 they played in Fogueteiro, with Ramp and Mortifera. In October the band celebrate their 2nd anniversary performing in Seixal before 500 enthusiastic headbangers. At the end of 1989, all their dedication and hard work were rewarded, by being elected the 3rd best national Heavy Metal band. The song "Into The Future" was voted best of the year, while "Watch Out" also got the 4th place. Already in 1990 the singer Sérgio Duarte leaves the band to pursue a solo project. In July 9th 1990 they played along with Tarantula in Amora, with a new lead singer, Victor Matos (guitarist João Matos brother). Soon after the band split.


demo tape ©1987

demo tape "Into The Future" ©1989


"Cannon Fodder" September 16th 1989, Fogueteiro


advert October 15th 1988, 1st Heavy Metal Festival in Fogueteiro
ticket September 16th 1989, Fogueteiro
advert/ ticket 2nd anniversary October 28th 1989
ticket Rock Rendez Vous, December 17th 1989
ticket July 9th 1990

photos 1st anniversary October 1988 (by Isabel Vicente, Mafra)

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  1. Boa banda, grande concerto no RRV com os Massacre