W.C. Noise appeared in March 1990 in Porto. In that time the group was constituted by Berto bass, Miguel drums, Rodolfo guitar and Paulo guitar. After several months of rehearsals Berto leaves the band for personal reasons and Paulo goes to the place of bass player. Nando joins the band as a singer. With this line up the band plays their 1st gig, invited by Hardness, at the Associação dos Restauradores do Bráz-Oleiro, Porto, November 1st 1990. After the concert Miguel leaves because of the obligatory military service, and Pedro replaces him. The band records a seven track demo tape "What a Cool Noise" in the beginning of December 1990, in only two days. But the quality was so bad that they decided to retire the demo from the market, shortly after putting it on sale. In New Year's Eve of 1990/91, W.C. Noise gives their 2nd concert, in Sra da Hora, again with Hardness, Genocide and Operação Contágio. The group performed a series of live dates: June 10th 1991 at Cairo Disco, with Overhead and Dove, with Overhead again in Ramada Alta, Porto, November 9th 1991 in Amora, Seixal, with Procyon and again in Ramada Alta with Thormenthor. The band enters the Rec`n`Roll Studios in February 15th and 16th 1992, with producer Luís Barros (Tarantula) they recorded their 2nd demo tape, titled "You´d Better Shut Up", containing the tracks "Emptiness", "Y.B.S.U.", "Diarrhea", "My Life" and "Nuclear Poo". On April 17th 1992 the band played with Ramp and Censurados at the Pavilhão Infante Sagres, Porto. The group signes with independent label MTM and released the album "Loud & Mad". The record was recorded during September and October 1992 at the Rec`n`Roll Studios with producer Luís Barros (Tarantula). The album is released on December 7th, with a released party held at Johnny Guitar, Lisbon. The "Loud & Mad Tour" begins and in December 10th they played at Cais 4-47, Porto. On May 1st 1993 the group played at the 2nd Heavy Metal Festival, Penafiel, and in August 8th in Portimão. With a new bass player, Vítor (ex-Overhead) and their record beeing licensed in Spain by spanish label Treboada, the band played a 10 date mini-tour in Spain, between September 22th and October 2nd, headlining almost all dates, some opening for bands like Legion or Beermosh. In 1994 their 1st CD is released, "Reality Asylum".


demo tape "What a Cool Noise" ©1990 audio sample    

demo tape "You´d Better Shut Up" ©1992

lp "Loud & Mad" ©1992 MTM Records MTM006

cd "Reality Asylum" ©1994 MTM Records MTM0010

** cd "Reality Asylum" ©1995 Milestone Music
** re released


Live Johnny Guitar, December 7th 1992 (?)


ticket 1st gig, November 1st 1990
ticket opening for Procyon, Amora, November 9th 1991
advert management
merchandising label MTM
advert/ ticket gig April 17th 1992
advert 1st Heavy Metal Festival, Penafiel, October 10th 1992
advert 2nd Heavy Metal Festival, Penafiel, May 1st 1993

ticket  May 7th 1993, Lisbon
advert August 8th 1993, Portimão
ticket opening for Carcass, Pavilhão Infante Sagres, Porto, January 23rd 1994
ticket February 19th 1994 (?)
ticket May 1st 1994, Almada, opening for R.D.P.

ticket July 9th 1995, Porto
advert 6th Festival Ultra Brutal, August 1996
ticket December 26th 1998, Porto
ticket January 30th 1999, Hard Club, Gaia

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  1. Acho que a 1ª demo-tape deles (a que gravaram em 2 dias) chama-se "What a cool noise". Não tenho bem a certeza, mas encontrei para aqui uma gravação numa das cassetes com essa denominação.