Mortífera were a female fronted Thrash/ Speed Metal band. Formed in Amadora, Lisbon in early 1987 when Filipe Gonçalves drums invites Ricardo bass and Nan-Jô guitars. In September 87, Filipe receives an invitation from one of the most rounds bands back then, STS Paranoid. Filipe accepted the invitation and Mortífera is on standby. With the end of STS Paranoid in November 1987, Filipe calls the two former members but now with the addition of a female vocalist, Lena on April 1988 and in October a 2nd guitarrist, Rui. In January 1989 Nan-Jô leaves the band and Miguel replaces him. The band plays their first gig on April 23rd 1989 at the Parque Central in Amadora and their 2nd gig on the same month, 29th in Almornos, Sintra, with Procyon and Massacre (replaced Braindead). Mortífera recorded a 2 track demo tape ("Deadly Fields" and "Death Train (instrumental)") on their rehearsal/ basement with a multitrack recorder, but as the result was not the best and also for monetary reasons, the demo turned out not to go ahead. In May 13th they played in Silvares, Fundão. On July 22th the group played live again, in Massamá, with Massacre and Necrophiliac. After the concert in Massamá started a certain instability between the two guitarrists and the rest of the group. Both Miguel and Rui speak to leave the band five days before the last concert, that held in Fogueteiro, September 16th 1989 with The Coven, N.A.M. and Ramp. The group splits and Filipe joins V12 and Ricardo joins Ramp.


demo tape ©1989

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"Deadly Fields" and "War"1st gig, Parque Central, Amadora, April 23rd 1989 // "Warriors Of Metal" last gig, Fogueteiro, September 16th 1989


roadcrew pass
ticket 1st gig, April 23rd 1989 at the Parque Central, Amadora
advert Almornos, April 29th 1989
advert Almornos, May 29th 1989 (printing error date, same as above)
ticket July 22th 1989
ticket last gig, Fogueteiro, September 16th 1989


  1. Boa banda, grandes concertos com os Massacre

  2. um pequeno reparo não nome Ricardo mas sim João sapo no baixo!!!

  3. massacre?
    ca merda de banda...
    mortífera era mais para tocar com thormentor
    ass. Jorge divino

    1. Não curtias Massacre Jorge?

    2. Tive pena de nunca ter conseguido ver esta banda :-/


    3. Ricardo João... aka Sapinho.

  4. Mortifera, Braindead e Massacre foram as melhores bandas thrash metal da época \m/