Band from Porto, formed by drummer Augusto Peixoto, guitarrist José Ribeiro and José Alberto bass in 1988. In 1990 Ricardo replaces José Ribeiro and César join as vocalist. Two guitarists come later but eventually quit because they didn`t fit. The band played live for the first time on June 10th 1991, at the disco Cairo, Porto with Overhead and W.C. Noise. And their 2nd gig one month later, July 14th at a private party. With intentions of recording their first demo in November 1991, the band eventually split up only remaining two members Augusto Peixoto and Dário who replaces the bass player. Only at the beginning of 1992 they find a guitarist, Rodolfo Cardoso from W.C. Noise, which helps them to compose and recording the demo tape also Pedro Gouveia recorded the vocals on the demo. "Deadly Human Race" was released in March 1st 1992, with 5 tracks: "Deadly Human Race", "Life Destroyer", "Social Insanity", "Guilty By Corruption" and "R.O.T.O.M. (Reflections Of The Other Side MInd)". In 1993 Paulo replaces Rodolfo and soon the band released another demo, "Reborn To Return". Released in May 10th 1993 with two tracks, "Faithless Hope" and "Innocent Birth". The line up for their 3rd demo "Dum Spiro Spero", released in April 4th 1994 was Augusto drums, Pedro vocals, Paulo guitar, Dário bass and Celso guitar. The 6 track demo contained "False Believers", "Suffering Soul (My Sorrow, So Dark)", "Feelings", "Blind Reality", "Eternal Fears" and "Human Conception". In 1995 joins a new vocalist, Luís Tinoco, and the group released their last demo tape tittled "Dove", consisted of 3 tracks: "Remembrence", "Reasons" and "Lost In Solitude".


demo tape "Deadly Human Race" ©03.1992 audio sample

demo tape "Reborn To Return" ©05.1993

demo tape "Dum Spiro Spero" ©04.1994  

demo tape "Dove" ©05.1995


ticket 1st concert, June 10th 1991, Cairo disco, Porto

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