In the foundation of Angel Sinner is guitarrist João Relâmpago (ex-Black Cross) together with is sister Isabel Dias vocals, they formed it in April 1989. With the entry of Gabriel guitar, Paulo Borralho bass and João Paulino drums the line up was completed. With this line up they give their first concert in August 26th 1989. After the gig, and due to musical incompatibility of some members, they find themselves forced to dismiss the guitarist Gabriel, and shortly after, also the drummer João, while they were without a rehearsal room. With the start of 1990, Vitor Sérgio and Luis Romero join the band as guitarist and drummer respectively. After some time Paulo Borralho says farewell and is replaced immediately by Miguel (ex-Ramp). Songs like "No Name", "Evil Land", "Revenge", "A Landuli" were part of their repertoire.


ticket March 3rd 1991, Odivelas
ticket November 23th 1991, Pataias, Alcobaça


  1. Apenas uma correcção na música 'Avenge', chama-se 'Revange'. Obrigada pelo historial. Isabel :) x

  2. Obrigado.
    Alguma coisa que queira acrescentar á bio, ou outro material como fotos etc , agradecia.

  3. Eu estou a fazer a recolha em conjunto com o meu irmão. Depois entrarei em contacto para enviar as fotos, e, tudo o que quiser para completar a Bio.

  4. Isabel, agradável surpresa! Posso fornecer as fotos que tenho se tiverem interesse. Sérgio Pereira