Damage were from Figueira da Foz, Coimbra, formed at the end of 1987 by guitarist Luis Pedro Tavares. The second element to join the band was Carlos Pascoinho as second guitarist. They immediately begin to compose and perform their own songs. In July 1988 enters the third element, Pedro Pascoinho (Carlos brother) as a drummer. A few months later joins Jaime Serpa as bass player. On March 3th 1989, they would record their demo tape. Recorded and mixed in 10 hours, the demo included 5 songs “School Concentration Camp”, “Mad Psychiatrist”, “Planet of Aberration”, “Censored” and “The End”. To promote it, Damage were invited by The Coven and Alkateya to do the 1st part of 3 of the national tour dates.


demo tape ©1989 audio sample


ticket December 10th 1989, Rock Rendez Vous, Lisbon

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