The group was born in October 1993 under the name Thorns. Its line-up consisted of Pedro Fialho vocals/guitar (ex-Bad Language and Decibel), Ricardo Rodrigues guitar (ex-Decibel Stream), Paulo Janeiro bass (ex-Decibel Stream) and Carlos Silva drums (ex-Caos Lentis). All the elements were from Almada, having their base in Costa da Caparica.

They made their live debut on June 22th 1994 at a party at the Monte da Caparica High School. In June/July of the same year they recorded two songs for promotional purposes: "Welcome To Your Doom" and "The Kingdom Beyond". These tracks were recorded at the STS studios in Sacavém, and the production and mixing was in charge of Paulo Martins and also from Thorns.  

In September 1994 they were selected, along with 17 other bands, to participate in the 4th Portuguese Modern Music Contest in Alcobaça. Taking place in Bar Ben during the months of October, November and December they went to Alcobaça on November 4th, for the 1st eliminatory round, where they played with Exile and passed to the semi-final.
In that same month they were selected to participate in the Heavy Metal compilation, Rock Gar 94, produced by Gar studios, but the band refused the offer because they didn't agree with several items necessary for the participation in the compilation. 
On December 9th of 1994 they returned to Alcobaça to participate in the semi-final, playing with Paranoia (from Leiria) and Misskiss (from Alverca). Paranoia were the winners and would later win the contest.
In December 1994 the band decides to change their name to Please Remember, due to the existence of a foreign group with the same name as Thorns.
On February 25th 1995 they play in Viseu, as part of the 1st meeting of Modern Music of Viseu, which takes place in Pavilion A, in the fairground of S. Mateus.  

They played their 5th concert on March 3rd 1995, together with Blessesd Yarn at Lusitano Bar, in Cais do Sodré in Lisbon. On March 17th, they return to the stage, this time at the Casa Municipal da Juventude in Almada - Ponto de Encontro. Inserted on the 1st Almada Metal Fair, performing with Devileech and Funeral Party.  They take part in the "Quinzena da Juventude" of Almada where they play at Clube Recreativo Piadense. They play with Malevolence, Cruel Hate, Suicidal Archangel and Goblin at the Concurso de Musica Moderna de Paleão (Soure) on May 13th Please Remember go to the final along with Suicidal Archangel.
They are selected for another contest, this time the Cascais Rock/ 95, but they give up in the beginning of the concert, due to the organization not giving conditions for the band to perform. 
They return to Paleão on June 3rd for the final of the contest. They get the 3rd place. 
The group celebrate Portugal day, June 10th, playing with Misskiss and Cirrose Caótica in Valencia. Pombal (Leiria) receives them on June 24th, where they play at the River Bar, as part of the Pombal/95 Modern Music Festival. 

Inserted in the two days of Spectrum Metal Festival that took place in Viseu, they play on June 30th with Losing Respect, Blasted Mechanism, Goblin Thormenthor and Shrine. With the entrance of the bass player for the obligatory military service in July 1995, the band decides to stop playing live and dedicate to the composition of new songs, having performed only a few concerts to test the new material. They return to Pombal on July 29th, where they perform at Discoteca D. Sebastião, with several bands including special guests Gang. Part of the final of Pombal Festival/ 95. 
Being part of the compilation in CD of Musica Moderna Nova Independência, in October 5th, they enter again the studio. This time in Rock Studio- Pombal, and record the song "Evening Sky". 
In February 1996 they enter in the JPN studios in Faro (Algarve), and prepare the recording and final mixes in November of the same year. Working with producer João Paulo Nunes (known for producing bands like Iris, Harum), Please Remember record 4 tracks: "Up There On The Moor", "Wish For An Answer", "Driven By Illusions" e "It's Snowing Outside". With the intention of getting a record deal.  The group return to the stage and plays at the Lemauto Pavilion, Cacilhas, on March 31th 1996 and again October 4th at the Locopinha disco, Praia de Pedrogão. 

In December 1996 the only change in the group took place with Paulo Janeiro being asked to leave due to his lack of commitment. In comes Sergio Esteves (ex-After God), for the bass guitar. Please Remember played live for the last time on August 17th 1997 at the football stadium in Vila Nova de Milfontes. The band breaks up in 1998.


promo tape "Promo Tape/ 94" ©1994 audio sample

promo tape "Up There On The Moor" ©1997 audio sample

flyer (as Thorns) December 9th of 1994, Bar Ben, Alcobaça 
poster May 13th 1995, Paleão, Soure
flyer promo tape/94
poster March 3rd 1995, Bar Lusinato, Lisboa

flyer Jly 29th 1995, Pombal
advert March 31th 1996, Lemauto Pavilion
advert October 4th 1996, Locopinha disco, Praia de Pedrogão
flyer August 17th 1997, football stadium, Vila Nova de Milfontes

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