Band from Nisa (Alto Alentejo), active during the early 90s. With the line-up formed by Sérgio Pereira vocals, José Maia guitar, João Miguéns guitar, João Polido bass and Nuno Bruno drums the band enters the Rec 'n' Roll studios with the production of Tarântula`s drummer Luis Barros, they recorded the demo tape "POW", August 1994. The tracks were, "Kill To Survive", "Dark Fears", "Iron Curtain", ? (instrumental), "Prisoners Of War" and "Eu Tenho". Performed some concerts with bands such as Web, Bloodshed, Restus Comme. However the musicians regrouped in 1997 for a special concert. In 2013, reconvene and begin to prepare what will be the successor of "POW"


demo tape "POW" ©1994 audio sample


  1. this demo tape is recorded in august 1994 not 1991

  2. há uma musica com o nome errado não é war mas sim fear

  3. Thank you very much, we're so lost the we forgot the soon as possible Maligna will arise with new material