The fanzine Abismo (Abyss) was the official organ of the Guardians of Metal Fan Club. The 1st issue was published in November 1988. In the 1st year was a monthly publication and to celebrate the first anniversary of the Guardians of Metal, the issue#10 was a special edition with 48 pages (twice of pages the fanzines at the time used to have) in layer carton. By this time the fanzine is subject to disclosure by the renowned British magazine Metal Forces and receives more and more promotional material from bands from around the globe who seek publicity in Portugal. The fanzine becomes bimonthly, but to provide much more information and ends after 20 numbers in late 1991, because the editor Sergio Paulo went rather busy with other activities of the Guardians of Metal and Afterdeath where he was lead singer and manager. Apart from that within a few months he would have to go to fulfill the obligatory military service and would not have time to continue editing the fanzine.
text by Sérgio Paulo




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  1. Brutal, tive-as todas inclusive a capa da N.º6 foi enviada por mim, bons tempos...