Explosão were from Torres Novas. Formed around 1984, the line up consisted in Zé Pedro bass, Rui Calado vocals, Ninu drums Paulo "Bode" guitar and Quim "Russo" guitar. Songs like "Tripe", "Menina Mania", "Beatinha" and "Despertador" were part of their repertoire. A 2 track demo was released in 1987, "Explosão" and "Venci o Teu Discipulo". A 2nd demo tape at the end of 1987 beginning of 1988, "Armas Nucleares". The demo consisted on a studio (rehearsal) side with the tracks "Intro", "Armas Nucleares", "Pó... Cuidado", and a live side recorded in Aveiro, November 2nd 1987, "Coisas Que Se Passam" and "Criticos". Meanwhile Zé Pedro is replaced by Nuno Samartinho and they played in Porto, March 18th and 19th and in Tomar, May 21th. The band was still ative around 1994, were they entered in the compilation CD "Excedentes" with the track "100% Bebado".


demo tape ©1987

demo tape "Armas Nucleares" ©1987/88 audio sample

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  1. No livro "Nós Queríamos Ser Artistas", sobre Torres Novas (editado em 2015) diz-se que nasceram em 1984, na freguesia de Lapas. :)