Cruel Hate were from Aveiro. Formed in November 1989 the line up was Paulo Pacheco and Rui D'Oliveira guitars, Carlos Bento vocals, Mário da Costa drums and Alberto Calé bass. In 1990, Cruel Hate make a self-made demo called "Imminent Destiny", but due to poor quality the band doesn´t released it. On July of 1991 the band played live for the first time at their home town. In March of 1992 the band recorded "Dying In Fear" at the professional studios Rec & Roll with the production of Luis Barros (Tarantula drummer). 5 songs were part of the demo: "War With No Pain", "Blindness", "Atomic Calamaty", "Times of Despair" and "Living In Fear". September 5th they played at Praia da Barra, Ílhavo. October 1992 they are invited to perform at the first Heavy Metal Festival Of Penafiel, along with W.C. Noise and Inkisição for 1200 fans. In 1993 the band decided to record another demo tape, a 4-track called "Beyond Beliefs". "Beyond Beliefs", "Tormented Cries", "Perpetual Riot" and "Condemned To Live" were produced again by Luis Barros at Rec & Roll studios.


demo tape "Imminent Destiny" ©1990 (never released)

demo tape "Dying In Fear" ©1992 audio sample

demo tape "Beyond Beliefs" ©1993


"Self Introspection" live in Aveiro 1994


advert gig Praia da Barra, Ílhavo, September 5th 1992
advert 1st Heavy Metal Festival, Penafiel, October 10th 1992
advert May 15th 1993, Mourisca, Águeda

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  1. Paulo Pacheco previously played in Born to Lose, who were also an Aveiro's Metal band, actually the very first Metal band in the city. he was BTL's main guitarist from November 83 to July 85 ( the band folded on Live Aid's day, having performed a secret concert in Cacia for a small crowd; prior to that BTL entered a local school festival, featuring some of the more ''menacing'' Punk bands from Aveiro ( like The Turds or Rotten Minds) who just plainly hated Metal for what it is. When Pacheco joined BTL, they start playing somewhere along the lines of Motorhead, Maiden, Priest, but also with some musically intricate hints at BOC's sound, especially from the first albums by those New Yorkers. Only two tapes were recorded as self-produced demos, ''Não vai lá!'' from late 1982, still very much influenced by punk-Metal, by Discharge, Venom and Hellhammer ( even though the band were not yet familiar with the latter) and then in mid 84, ''Volume 11'' , also known as ''Não preciso de religião...'', which was one of the six tracks recorded for BtL's 2nd demo, where there was a highly Maidenesque long instrumental called ''Otanissassa''.