In November 1988, Dave "Mille" vocals/ guitar and Dico "Lombardo" voice/ drums/ second vocals founded Paranóia. The first Portuguese noisecore band! The duo (who chose not to include a bass player) bases its short life in a musical approach without rules, whose sole purpose is to generate the largest possible number of decibels, which proved quite straightforward as the "musicians" do not have the slightest group experience or composition. In fact, not even know how to play or tune their instruments. Two rehersal-tapes, "Paranóia" and "Manicómio" were recorded and released in early 1989 with three weeks apart. Surprisingly, the project sells more than 30 copies of the rehersal-tapes. Being interviewed for the fanzine based in Porto "Culto Urbano" and news in the mythical radio program Lança-Chamas. The core of fans based in Caldas da Rainha becomes legendary when, before a concert start of French band Aggressor at the famous venue Rock Rendez Vouz in Lisbon, the fans in front of the stage began repeatedly yelling "Paranóia, Paranóia" towards the balcony, where the two Paranóia musicians gathered to watch the concert. Without the official end of the project, Dico joins Dinosaur on April 1990. Paranóia never played live. In 2007 a self-edited mini-compilção MP3 "The 'best' of the worst ..." (with the unprecedented "Thrash! 'In the two versions) and the following year two split-tapes with Napalm Noise and Anal Colic were released by the underground French label Underground Polluiton Records.

biography by Dico


demo tape "Paranóia" ©1989

demo tape "Manicomio" ©1989

compilation tape "O Melhor do pior de..." ©1989 audio sample

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