Low Valley, from Lisbon, were a project led by vocalist João Henriques (ex-STS Paranoid, ex-Wild Shadow), in the beginning of the 80s. Intended to bring together the best musicians he knew, João had the help of Orlando Matias guitar and João Carlos Lopes bass (both Atomic Mushrooms/ STS Paranoid), but with the lack of money the project did not go forward. In 1984 João was preparing to play at the 1st Portuguese Heavy Metal festival in Sto António Dos Cavaleiros, with the help of guitarrists Orlando Matias, Beto (João was part of Botas Da Tropa along with Beto, the first band as lead singer around 1980, later would change its name to Sepulcro), João Carlos Lopes bass and Rui drums (Valium), but it never happened, despite appearing at the festival poster. It turned out to be a failure in terms of continuity, which resulted in the departure of João to STS Paranoid a year later. Low Valley was set aside until late 80s when STS Paranoid separated and after performing live with Wild Shadow (replacing vocalist Zé Gomes) at Rock Rendez Vous on February 18th 1990. The line up was completed with ex-Devil Across members: guitarrists Ricardo "Bon" Santos, Fernando Pascoal Martins and drummer Pedro "Rato" Inglês and again with João Carlos Lopes bass.


advert/ ticket 1st Portuguese Heavy Metal Festival, December 15th 1984 (never played)

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