Ramp were formed at the end of 1988. The name Ramp was the joining of the members own initials: Ricardo Mendonça guitar, António José guitar, Miguel bass and Paulo drums. Ricardo Mendonça invites Rui Duarte, an old school friend, to take on the role of vocalist. From that moment on, hours and hours were spent in a friend’s garage rehearsing and composing. Their effort would soon pay off, when they went on stage for the very first time. It took place in Fogueteiro, on September 16th 1989, along with The Coven and Mortifera (farewell concert). After the gig they realized that certain things were wrong, including the bass player. So Miguel is replaced by Ricardo (João Saps) ex-Mortifera. For the 2nd gig, Ramp played with Braindead at the Rock Rendez Vous, Lisbon, February 11th 1990. The show captured the media and critics attention due to Ramp’s mind blowing music and passionate performance. Motivated by the excellent reviews of their live shows and a constantly growing public demand, they focused their efforts for what would be their first recording, a demo tape. The 5 track demo was recorded at Heaven Sound Studios, Almada. With the demo ready, although the band was not totally satisfied with the results, they decided not to commercialize it, thus reserving it for promotional purposes and business card for the labels, with the possibility of signing a contract. The band received offers from several labels, but chose to sign with the multi national Polygram Discos. Carlos Maria Trindade from the label, chooses as producers Rui Fadigas, Jorge Quadros (bassist and drummer from the pop/ rock band Delfins) and Mastern Bailey, Ramp enters the Exit Studios located in Lisbon, in September 1991. The result was "Thoughts" a 6 track mini-LP which is released in the beginning of 1992. Featuring "The Comediants", "Disillusions", "March to Death", "Thoughts", "The Last Child" and "Try Again" (Spermbirds cover). The release party took place at Johnny Guitar, Lisbon, in February 28th 1992. Three video-clips arose from the album: "Try Again", "The Last Child" and "Thoughts".

In March 28th 1992 Ramp opens for brasilian band Sepultura at the pavilion Dramático de Cascais. After several concerts in the Lisbon area, Ramp arrive at the north of the country, playing in Porto on April 17th at the pavilion Infante Sagres, with W.C Noise and Censurados. The EP "Thoughts" is released in CD format with 3 new songs. "In The Beginning", "Out of This World" and "Behind The Wall". Recorded again at Exit Studios on August 1992, produced by Mastern Bailey. The group embarks on a national tour playing all over the country and several appearances on TV. In 1995 the independent label União Lisboa released Ramp’s second album “Intersection”. 11 tracks recorded at 1 Só Céu Studios, Cascais, between March/ April 1995, produced again by Mastern Bailey. As a result, the record stormed the Portuguese sales sharts, something that never happened before to a Portuguese Metal band, and got extensive video play with “All Men Taste Hell”, their first single and video. But Ramp also harvested, throughout the world, excellent reviews and media coverage such as in Burn and Madball magazines in Japan, Metal Head and Rock Brigade in Brazil or Mindview and Hard Force in Belgium. Another tour to promote the album takes place and Ramp plays at several important festivals. Their 3rd work "E.D.R. (Evolution, Devolution, Revolution)" was recorded in Nottingham, England, in the Square Studios and was produced by Simon Efemey. It was released in late 1998, showing a much solid Ramp with an astonishing ability to create great songs. ”Hallelujah” and “Old times” were the chosen video-clips and ”For a While” became a radio hit, featuring in the Top Ten of Radio Comercial, one of the biggest Portuguese National Broadcasting Radios. "Revolution on Tour" was also a success, reaching its highest point with the recording of a live album (the first of its kind for a Portuguese Metal band). The double album "Ramp...Live" was released in late 1999. It gathers 18 tracks of their three original albums and it was recorded on their 10th year celebration show, from which they took footage that would be later used for the “How” video-clip.

In a 20 year career Ramp had the opportunity to play as opening act of international artists such as Motorhead, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Sepultura, Angra, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Manowar, Paradise Lost...


12" mini lp "Thoughts" ©1992 Polygram Discos

7" promo single "The Last Child"/ "Try Again" ©1992 Polygram Discos

cd "Thoughts" ©1993 Polygram Discos

cd "Intersection" ©1995 União Lisboa Edições

cd single promo "Black Tie" ©1995 União Lisboa Edições

cd single "Black Tie (Grey Snow Mix)" ©1996 União Lisboa Edições

cd "Evolution Devolution Revolution" ©1998 Farol FAR0042

cd single promo "Old Times" ©1998 FarolMúsica

cd single promo "Hallelujah" ©1998 FarolMúsica

cd "Ramp" ©1999 FarolMúsicaFAR0033


1st gig, Fogueteiro, September 16th 1989 // "Thoughts" official video

"All Men Taste Hell" official video


ticket 1st gig, Fogueteiro, September 16th 1989
ticket February 11th 1990, RRV, Lisbon
invitation February 28th 1992, Johnny Guitar, Lisbon, "Thoughts" release party
advert/ ticket March 28th 1992, Dramático Cascais, opening for Sepultura
ticket April 10th 1992, Lisbon
ticket April 17th 1992, Porto

ticket June 26th 1992, Lisbon
advert/ invitation March 29th 1993, Gartejo, Lisbon, CD "Thoughts" release party
ticket May 30rd 1993 (?), Amora, Seixal
ticket March 25th 1994, Amora, Seixal
ticket June 4th 1994, Porto
ticket 1996, Sacavem
ticket April 6th 1996, Lusideia Bar, Samora Correia

ticket October 10th 1996, Toma Bar, Vila Franca de Xira
ticket 1996, Caneças
ticket July 5th 1997, Super Bock Super Rock fstival, Lisbon
ticket January 26th 1999, Amora, opening for Angra
ticket June 12th 1999, Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon, opening for Motorhead
ticket July 2th 1999, Lisbon, opening for Manowar
advert October 9th 1999, Seixal, 10th anniversary/ live recording
advert "Ramp" double live CD


  1. Boa banda, foi pena foi o pica ter entrado armado em mete nojo!

  2. Das melhores bandas nacionais de Metal, o pica é que é um cromo.