Luso-French band from Lyon, France, formed around 1979 under the name Stormbringer. Later when Portuguese singer TóZé Daniel joined the band they changed to Rotor. The line up consisted of Thierry Leduc and Gilles Vasquez guitars, Jean Louis Teyssier bass and Thierry Scarlatti drums. After several attempts to find a label, the group signs contract with a record company in Portugal, MVM. The result was a Hard Rock FM mini-album entitled "Menina Inês", containing 7 tracks all sung in Portuguese: "Menina Inês", "Divine", "Prisioneiro", "Canta", "Acredita Que" (instrumental), "Longe Daqui" and "Vampiros"Recorded in France at the Lazer Studios between May and June 1984, produced by TóZé`s brother, sound engineer, Jorge Daniel and Silvio Suave. The record was only released in the Portuguese market in 1984. Rotor played several gigs, in Lisbon, at the Rock Rendez Vous July 19th/ 20th 1984 and after in Figueira da Foz, they also did a TV appearance.


*mini lp "Menina Inês" ©1984 MVM Discos MV-003038 audio sample
(released only on vinyl)


advert Rock Rendez Vous July 19th and 20th 1984

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