The JPMC was formed sometime in 1983 in the then quiet neighborhood of Benfica, in Lisbon, by 3 friends: Aquiles Dias, Carlos Pereira and Nuno Martins. Each in its own way, were addicted to music and shared interest in the 70s hard-rock, the culture of vinyl records and cassettes. The permanent discovery of new groups, old and new, led them to create the JPMC. Judas Priest were more a mobile than a proper devotion and were the bridge between the 70s hard-rock and the new sound emerging. The choice was almost inevitable. The magazines that came to Portugal in the early 1980s were two or three, American origin, to expensive for the Portuguese pocket, and a targeted approach to the American market. In Portugal it was archaic, black and conservative. The frenzy of consumerism wonder that sell illusions, was still some years away. For better or for worse. In this climate of confidence and frustration, the idea was to do something that could be distributed in a form that could only be a photocopy, and sold at a price that covers costs. Over time, other things followed. Fatigue, immaturity, inexperience, had each one go his way and the club / magazine has put an end to its existence. Remained behind, about two years and about five numbers.

text by Nuno Martins


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