From Parede, Lisbon, came the Black/ Thrash Metal band Decay. Formed by two friends, J. A. guitar/vocals and Nuno guitar, on August 1990. With the collaboration of Pedro drums and Carlos bass, the first rehearsals took place in September. In October Jorge (Cunnilingus) joins in as vocalist. In December the band recorded their 3 track promo tape, with the songs "No Tomorrow", "Our Existence" and "Too Fast!" and in the same month they played their first gig in Parede, December 16th. A 2nd gig is held in Santarém, March 17th 1991 and soon Pedro and Jorge leaved the band, being replaced by Mike (Moonspell) and João (Moonspell, Grog, Ironsword) respectively. It is around this time that they changed the name to Decayed.

thanks to J.A.


promo tape ©1990 audio sample

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