Formed in 1988, Thornado were from Amadora, Lisbon. The first line up was Gil Neto guitar/ vocals, Zé Santos guitar, Roberto bass and Filipe Martins drums. With this lineup the band released their first demo tape entitled "Edge of Sound", recorded in June 24th 1990 with the tracks "Damage Society" and "The New Law". Later, , for personal reasons leaves the group (accident which he lost his instrument). There was a temporary guitar player, António Alberto, that gave his support when they needed. but soon was substituted by Ricardo Amorim and there is also the acquisition for a lead singer left by Neto, Sérgio (ex-Terminator). The result of this line up was the release of their 2nd demo tape "Keep The Faith" in 1991. The band split up in 1992.


demo tape "Edge of Sound" ©1990

demo tape "Keep The Faith" ©1991 audio sample


ticket July 4th 1992, Brandoa, Amadora
ticket August 1st 1992, Abrantes

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