Mortalha were the first Metal band of Arruda dos Vinhos. Trio formed around 1989/ 90 by Rui Vieira vocals/ guitar, Helder Rodrigues drums and Nuno Mariano bass. For some time, and always with great difficulty in arranging place to rehearse, the band rehearsed in collectives and even at home. The first and only song completed and recorded by Mortalha around 1990/ 91, was recorded at Nuno's house, on a 2nd floor, and through a PA system. As it had no title or vocals, it was decided to call only "Instrumental". Mortalha ended up limited when Nuno Mariano joins Imunity, followed by Helder in May 1992. In early 1993, Hugo joins the band as guitarist and Mortalha started rehearsing in the same place as Imunity, but without Nuno. With Nuno and Helder in Imunity, some demotivation was taking over the band and this one eventually fell apart. By this time, Mortalha already had a song with vocals, called "From Zero To Nothing", unfortunately it was never recorded. Rui Vieira would join Imunity in 1995. Rui, Helder e Nuno form today Machinergy.

thanks to Rui Vieira

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