From Sto Antonio dos Cavaleiros, Necro Terror arises through an accident, a joke among some members of Extreme Unction. When, sometime in 1991, a group of friends joined in a rehearsal room for fun, all of the elements enjoyed Grind Core. Of this essay, appeared a series of songs, heavily influenced by Napalm Death, Sore Throat, Unseen Terror, Agathocles, Blood, etc. Later, they decided to take that material, choose the best songs and combine them in a demo, which was called: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". This work has not been marketed, was passed to friends and interested. However, the demo was circulating freely by lovers of the genre without any control. From this mad afternoon registration test…

• Pedro "Pedrada" Gonçalves (vocals)
(Extreme Unction; Sunflower; Festering; Morbid Simphony)
• Pedro 2Padeiro" Lopes (vocals)
(Gritos Oleosos; Khristos; Benevolence)
• Marcelo Costa (vocals)
(Malevolence; The Temple)
• Paulo "Chainsaw" Rodrigues (guitar)
(Extreme Unction; Guilhotina; Gritos Oleosos)
• Koja Mutilator (bass):
(Extreme Unction; Festering; Guilhotina; Morbid Simphony; Tetraplegic God;
Incarnated; Benevolence)
• António Silva "Zé-Tó" (drums)
(Extreme Unction; Festering; Guilhotina; Morbid Simphony; Gritos Oleosos)

biography by Pedro "Pedrada" Gonçalves


demo tape "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" ©1991

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