From Olivais, Lisbon came Sepulcro. Formed around 1982, the line up consisted of Miguel Pinto vocals, Jorge Marmitas guitar, Beto guitar (Alkateya), Manuel Animal drums (Alkateya) and Isidro Chibo bass. In December 15th 1984 Sepulcro played at the very first Portuguese Heavy Metal Festival organized by the Purgatório do Heavy Metal Fan-Club.  The event took place at the Pavilhão Associação de Moradores in St Antonio dos Cavaleiros, Loures, Lisbon. The festival was a huge invent, they played along with Xeque Mate, STS Paranoid, Valium, Mac Zac, Jarojupe. In 1985 the band released their 1st demo tape, which included 5 tracks: "Flesh Meets Steel", "Street Survivor", "Space Line No. 13", "Rock And Roll Raiders" and "Born On The Road". The band played at the Rock Rendez Vous in October 10th 1985, with Tarântula, which replaced Blizzard at the last minute. Soon after Beto leaves the band, with only four members Sepulcro performs for the first time in the North of the country with Tarântula, November 30th 1985, at the T.A.S. Pavillion, Sandim, Vila Nova de Gaia. In 1986 they released their 2nd demo tape, with 4 tracks, "Pictures Of Silence", " R.I.P.", "I Wanna See Girls" and "Gimme Shelter". The band splits at the beginning of 1988. Both demos were re issued on cassette  through H.M.Z.P. in the early 90s and by the The Forge in 2010.


demo tape "Demo I" ©1985

demo tape "Demo II" ©1986 audio sample


"Venom and Treason" live December 15th 1984, Sto Antonio dos Cavaleiros, Loures


advert/ ticket 1st Portuguese Heavy Metal Festival, December 15th 1984
advert Rock Rendez Vous 1985, Blizzard didn´t play, and had been replaced by Tarântula

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  1. Lembram-se como é que acabou aquele festival de S. António dos Cavaleiros? A GNR entrou de rompante e acabou com o festival quando os Jarojupe estavam a tocar a 2ª ou 3ª.
    Sepulcro deu um bom concerto nessa noite.