The idea of forming a band took place in late ´89, beginning of ´90, in the minds of Victor drums, Jorge guitar and Rui vocals. In this initial stage they were call Azon. Due to their few musical skills, specially Jorge, they decide to play hardcore. With some tracks already made in a more Deathcore vein, both english and portuguese, the project suffers a stagnation due to school. Sometimes after, Jorge decides to enter a music school. Meanwhile, they find a place to rehearse, at the Artimusica studios, located in Póvoa de Sto Adrião. However, because of school obligations, in late ´90, Rui leaves the band. Being replaced by Filipe vocals and bass. A promo tape is recorded at their rehearsal studio, with the tracks "Heavy Metal", "Morte aos Prof´s", "Basta" and "E.P.A.".  In May 25th 1990 a 4 track rehearsal is recorded, "Intro", "Heavy Metal", "Morte" and "Holo". 


promo tape ©1990 audio sample

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