Band from the Cascais area, which had lasted a very short time at the beginning of the 90s. With the line up consisting of Paulo Ramos vocals, Luís Páscoa drums, Paulo Paté bass, Uriel Pereira guitar, Paulo (Si) Sousa guitar and Zé Vasconcelos keyboards, Inox recorded a 3 track demo tape only for promotional purposes around 1990. Tracks were: "Touch Reaction", "Always Together" and "Backstage Queen". Getting national airplay through the daily radio program Rock Em Stock, they started some contacts with agencies and record labels, but the singer's family had to leave the country, whereupon the band without a vocalist  ceased functions shortly afterwards. Zé Vasconcelos and Luís Páscoa joined Joker


promo tape ©1990  audio sample

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  1. The promo tape was later released digitally under the band name Double Inox "Better Late Than Never".