After releasing only one demo under Disembowel, Bruno Correia guitar/ vocals and João Marques drums decide to change the band's name to Bowelrot. With the addition of bass player/ keyboards Fernando, the group released at least 4 demo tapes, until 1995, when they change their name again, to In The Umbra.


demo tape "Carneology" ©1992 audio sample

demo tape "Mort" ©1992

demo tape "Breedsleeves (Carneology dois... Body Art)" ©1992

demo tape "A Peculiar Flavour" ©1995


advert/ ticket Pernelhas festival, March 7th 1992
flyer/ ticket September 10th 1993, Lisbon
gig poster, Tunes, June 10th 1994

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  1. Fernando (bass and keyboards) was on at least the first 3 tapes, without Scott.