Punk/ Hardcore band formed in mid-September 1988, São João da Madeira, Aveiro. Dimensão Atroz (Atrocious Dimension) consisted of Miguel Silva guitar/ vocals, Jorge Santos bass and Rui Danin drums (editor of the Trasher´s fanzine/ Alienação Infernal Fan-Club). Some time later, Tono Silva joins the band as vocalist. For about 80 people, the band performs their 1st concertIn late May 1989, Zé Oliveira joins as rhythm guitar. In June 16th 1989 they performed live at the Auditório Municipal in their home town São João da Madeira. In the same year, a 7 track live demo (recorded live in a studio for an audience of a few friends) is recorded. Tracks like "Diabólico", "Fantasia", "Apache", "Pesadelo (instrumental)", "Maldição", "A Casinha (sátira)", "Dimensão Atroz" were songs included on the demo, all sung in Portuguese.


demo tape "Live Demo ´89"©1989 audio sample

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