Descration were from Juncal, Porto De Mós, formed in November 1990 by ex-Paranoia members Octávio Almeida vocals and Paulo "Sexy" drums. Later joins Nuno F. bass, Sérgio "Crack" and Paulo guitars. With this line up the group composed their 1st song "Slave of Darkness". Meanwhile Nuno leaves the band and is replaced by ex-Paranoia guitarrist Carlos Cruz. More 2 songs emerged: "Supernatural Events" and "Visions From The Future". Paulo leaves and enters Thierry. They played at their hometown on July 20th 1991 with German band Arise, Thormenthor and Necrophilia. In 1992 the track "Slave of darkness" is released on the very 1st Portuguese Metal compilation "The Birth of a Tragedy" by MTM Records.


rehearsal tape ©1992


advert July 20th 1991, Juncal w/ Arise

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