Agnostic Death emerged somewhere in Pinhal Novo, Palmela and was formed by José Gomes drums and Luis Maximino guitar and bass, in 1989. Carlos Rebocho vocals was invited to join the band in the beginning of 1990, and José Alves guitar in mid-April. With the line up complete they started to work on the project in June 1990. The group played live for the first time on May 11th 1991 at a bar in Vendas Novas. Concert which was a disaster, due to lack of preparation by the band as well as poor conditions of the location and organization. The 2nd gig was at the Gare Bar, October 10th 1992 in Barreiro, that went very well. The band had recorded a demo at the end of the Summer of 1992. Which included the songs: an "Intro", "Undead", "Mass Invocation", "Embalmed By Manslaughter", "Agnostic System Of Humanity".


demo tape "Agony Of The Lamps" ©1992


flyer November 20th 1993,  Sto Andre Secondary school

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  1. Obrigado pelo post e pela lembrança,dos membros da banda sou o unico ainda em actividade na banda Aernus,já se passaram muitos anos desde que essas fotos foram tiradas,obrigado e abraço!