From Mem Martins, Lisbon, formed in the beginning of 1987 by two schoolmates, Mário Rodrigues "Stein" (Unsilent) guitar and Zé Manel drums, under the name Holocaust. After some time joins in Ressalto as vocalist and they changed their name to Hell Warrior, but due to the existence of another group with that name they choose Extortion. Ressalto leaves the band and joins Artur to the bass spot and Stein has accumulated the place of vocalist and guitarist. In October 1987 another change occurs within the band, Mario joins as bass player, and with his entry Extortion get a garage to rehearse. Then with better conditions, experiments are made and Artur abandons the bass spot to be exclusively vocalist. January 1988 they worked rehearsing new songs. February makes their first appearance in public, at the Sta Maria school, in Sintra. Their music gets some airplay at the radio Club of Mem Martins, but is not well accepted, because of their satanic lyrics. Extortion played at the União Recreativa e Cultural da Abrunheira, March 19th.

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