Wrek Age were from the island of Ponta Delgada in Açores. Everything started on January 5th 1985 under the name Black Diamond. The first line up was composed by Paulo Jacob drums, Joãp Medeiros guitar, José Manuel bass and João Almeida vocals. With this formation the group won the 1st Communist Youth festival in Ponta Delgada, with the song "O Som da Canção" on March 3rd 1985. A month later the first changes in the band happen: joins Eduardo Pavão solo guitar and Luís Café replaces João Almeida on the vocals. Months later João Almeida reenters and Luís Café leaves. In July 1986, another change in the band, Eduardo Pavão is replaced by Pedro Andrade. On August the group plays 3 gigs in Sabta Maria island. However, Pedro Andrade is forced to join the compulsory military service, giving a sharp stop in the group. With the addition of Zé Medeiros solo guitar in June 1987, there is a shift in the musical direction of the group, in a more heavier sound. The result would be three new songs:: "Life In The Fast Lane", "Anothe Day" and "Dream You To Hell". In March 1988 José Manuel leaves and is replaced by Paulo Melo, giving the band a new lease of life. On May 5th 1988 they change name and Wrek Age was born. During the rest of the year the band opted to close in the rehearsal room composing new songs. In December 1988 Zé Medeiros leaves and reenters again Pedro Andrade. The lead singer João Almeida in 1989 emigrated to the United States, and one month later the group would give their first concert as Wrek Age, Paulo Jacob took over the vocals. On June 1989 Danny Brasil, an emigrant returned from the United States, joins the band as vocalist. Meanwhile Zé Medeiros returns to Wrek Age. On November 24th 1989 the band plays live with the new line up, at the Micaelense Colisseum. The group enter the studio in February 1990 and recorded their first demo tape "I Love It Loud". At an improvised studio and produced by Carlos Frazão (well-known musician from São Miguel island), all 4 tracks were caught and recorded live and at first take. The demo included 4 tracks: "Over `n`Over", "Everybody (Take It)", "All Of Your Love" and "7 Years Burning". A 2nd demo was recorded but never edited. (check also: Chama Eterna/  Metal Kings II Fan-Club)


demo tape "We Love It Loud" ©1990 audio sample


Live at Largo do Colégio, Ponta Delgada, Açores 1992


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